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Queenie Man

Queenie Man

Queenie Man is the founder and CEO of The Project Futurus, a social enterprise committed to exploring the future of ageing, which she established in 2019. She’s also the managing director at Forward Living Senior Community and Culture Homes, and this year was appointed a member of Hong Kong’s Elderly Commission because of her efforts in services for the elderly. After Man entered the field, she quickly noticed a general lack of educational resources for an understanding of the elderly, taking it upon herself to make a difference. She soon became “Captain Softmeal”, raising awareness on dysphagia health and advocating the importance of dignified dining. She also hosted more than 600 softmeal classes for some 7,000 caregivers and healthcare professionals, so they can provide their elderly clients with fresh and nutritious foods to suit a range
of chewing and swallowing needs. Caring and still learning, Man is currently pursuing a masters degree in dementia studies with the University of Stirling
in Scotland, while working tirelessly to drive change and foster an age-friendly and inclusive community. Not all heroes wear capes, and Man is dedicated
to help the elderly age with dignity.