Your Guide to the Best Apple Watches If You Want to Splurge on One Right Now

Whenever there is a conversation around a smartwatch, the first name to pop into everybody’s head is the Apple watch. A pinnacle in the world of smartwatches, Apple watches are admired for combining ultimate functionality, high performance and understated luxuriousness in a design. And, saying that the brand champions the art of smartwatch-making to a tee won’t be incorrect.

An Apple watch is the wearer’s companion and guide first and a tech gadget later. Equipped with features that aid one in tracking their lifestyle, fitness routines and daily schedules, it is a saviour on the wrist with the world at their fingertips; just a touch away. No wonder everybody everywhere is always at the edge of their seats whenever it’s time for a new release.

What makes Apple watches so costly?

The watch landscape is brimming with a sea of smartwatch options for one to choose from. And yet, Apple manages to be a premium choice for most even though they’re priced higher than many others. Here are some of the reasons why Apple watches are expensive and still one of the most popular picks.

  • One of the most crucial factors that account to an Apple watch being expensive is its quality and durability. The watches are made with the toughest materials like high-quality aluminium, polished stainless steel or titanium that lends the design sturdiness and a tough body. Additionally, the display is fashioned in Sapphire crystal that’s crack, dust and water-resistant. For instance, the latest Apple Watch Ultra boasts of a robust and strong design that makes it safe to be worn for outdoor adventure activities or even underwater.
  • The accuracy of fitness tracking in Apple watches is at par with the rest. One of the main reasons people invest in a smartwatch is the fitness and health tracking feature, which Apple is a pioneer in. From real-time monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep stages, temperature sensing and stress levels to enhancing training sessions with different workout modes, this watch does it all. And gives the most detailed and precise insights and analysis to better your lifestyle.
  • Yet another aspect that makes Apple watches expensive is the brand value. Apple represents a luxurious and polished product that’s designed with cutting-edge technology and innovation.
  • Apple watches are also equipped with powerful and precise GPS that helps in tracking distance, speed, pace and Maps app with complete accuracy. If you’ve forgotten your phone at home or if its battery is about to die, your Apple watch can guide you even in deserted areas and give directions with just a voice command.
  • Apple’s ecosystem is also a major reason for its cost and people’s willingness to splurge on. The safety and security features that this ecosystem has to offer are some of the best in the industry. However, to own an Apple watch you need to have an iPhone as it is not compatible with an Android phone making their ecosystem an exclusive one. Another example of this exclusivity are the Apple AirPods. Although they get connected with an Android phone using bluetooth, not all features of the AirPods work properly.
  • The app accessibility in Apple watches is also commendable. They offer a huge selection of pre-installed apps across categories including fitness, entertainment, work and schedule. Additionally, you can also download other apps from the App Store that you desire since the watches come with built-in storage.
  • The recent watch models are also equipped with emergency features like SOS, fall detection and crash detection which can be life saving. In such cases the watch connects you with nearby emergency services and also notifies your emergency contacts with your location.

Check out some of the best Apple watches to invest in right now

(Main Image Courtesy: Apple ; Featured Image Courtesy: Amazon)

Apple Watch Ultra

SGD 1199

The most rugged and reliable smartwatch in a robust design, the Apple Watch Ultra is the ultimate sports watch designed to deliver unparalleled performance. It is fashioned in a corrosion-resistant titanium case and three different strap types for different athletic pursuits — Alpine Loop (for outdoor adventures), Trail Loop (for endurance training) and Ocean Band (for underwater activities). This water and dust-resistant watch features the new Always-On Retina display and a battery life that lasts up to 36 hours of normal use.

It is a training partner that an athlete and an adventurer needs for how it helps them in pushing their limits and recording necessary data and insights. From maintaining running power and enhancing training sessions for athletes to being an essential exploration tool and aiding divers with the new depth gauge, this Apple watch does it all. The action button makes controlling the watch and its various features easier with just a single press. Whether it’s managing a workout session, quickly dropping a Compass Waypoint, backtracking to maintain focus on your journey or starting the depth app, the button makes this watch the only companion you need.

Other features of this smartwatch include a precision dual-frequency GPS system, redesigned Compass app, temperature sensing, sleep tracking, ECG and blood oxygen monitoring, crash and fall detection, emergency SOS and cellular functions including calling, texting and streaming music.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 8 is an essential and powerful companion that helps one in maintaining their overall health and well-being and staying connected with your loved ones. With the Always-On Retina display that makes watch faces look stunningly easy-to-read, this iWatch is also crack, dust and water-resistant. Featuring advanced health sensors like temperature sensing and menstruation predictions, the watch lets women track their cycle easily and even share those insights with their healthcare provider.

It also outlines a detailed analysis of one’s sleep cycle, takes the ECG any time and measures blood oxygen levels. To ensure you give your personal best when training or working out, the enhanced Workout app offers new ways to train and even lets you customise your sessions. Equipped with a high g-force accelerometer that detects up to 256 Gs of impact, the Series 8 watch is able to detect a severe crash and a hard fall. In such scenarios, the watch automatically connects you with emergency services if you’re immobile and also notifies your emergency contacts.

From making calls and sending texts to streaming music, using Apple Pay and Maps, the watch lets you do a lot as it offers a battery life of up to 18 hours of normal use and 36 hours on the new Low Power Mode.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

A previous version of the Second Generation model, the Apple Watch SE First Generation is an equally impressive, reliable and durable watch. While it lets you stream music and audiobooks on-the-go, it also lets you stay connected to your loved ones through cellular functions even when you don’t have your phone with you. From tracking daily activity to workouts on the Fitness app, from giving you real-time elevation readings and Compass feature to aiding you in hiking, this watch does it all.

Water-resistant up to 50 metres, the watch also tracks your heart rate and informs you of discrepancies in the rhythm. It also detects a hard fall and makes emergency calls to services for you automatically. It offers a battery life of up to 18 hours.

Image: Courtesy Amazon

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