Bored of Google Chrome? These 6 Underrated Web Browsers Deserve Your Attention

Long gone are the days of laggy old browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. However, the most popular browsers of today might not be enough in the near future. As privacy becomes a crucial point of concern for most web surfers, it is worth exploring the myriad underrated browsers that exist to ensure a better and safer experience on your PCs and phones.

Although new-age browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox are best optimised for webpages and decently secured against the malicious side of the Internet, they lack a lot of features that some of their lesser-known rivals have.

With that in mind, we are going to look at some of the most underrated web browsers for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. As you go through the list, you will be astonished to see some of them taking the matter of data privacy more seriously than some of the popular browsers of today. You will also find browsers meant for gaming that are far more suited to daily productivity with its clever multitasking features. Our list also recommends a browser loaded to the teet that is already preinstalled on your PC but often gets ignored.

In short, there’s something for everyone and in our list of the most underrated browsers, we take a deeper look at all of them.

6 underrated web browsers you might not have heard about

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Developed by DuckDuckGo Inc., the DuckDuckGo browser is one of the most privacy-focused web browsers you can use on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux devices. Similar to its search engine counterpart, the web browser is built around the core concept of privacy and hence, does not track your activity like online searches or browsing history. It even blocks third-party trackers and cookies, which eventually help advertisers. Its built-in firewall protects you from phishing attacks and blocks the use of tracking scripts by several websites. Additionally, it protects your email address from being tracked by websites.

The browser is free to download on all platforms and is a solid recommendation for everyone looking to enhance their privacy.

(Image Credits: Courtesy DuckDuckGo)

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Tor Browser
Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is another great app for those who want to embrace anonymity on the web. Distributed as a free web browser, the Tor browser promises to preserve anonymity and online privacy. It uses the onion routing technology that creates a unique network of virtual tunnels called Tor to hide your location and activity from anyone who is tracking you on the web. Hence, the browser has a secure and privacy-focused core. Other than script blockers, the browser also offers Fingerprinting Defense, which masks your device information.  

That said, the Tor network also has its weaknesses, the primary one being a slow internet connection due to multiple relay servers. It also occasionally fails to conceal your identity as the Tor technology isn’t foolproof. 

The Tor browser is available to download on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.

(Image Credits: Courtesy Tor Project)

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Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Yes, this isn’t a typo. While most people ignore the Microsoft Edge browser leading to the host of memes depicting Edge as a browser solely meant to download the Chrome browser while setting up a new Windows PC, it is a world-class browser that’s highly underrated.

Edge is based on Chromium, which means it has all the essential features of Google Chrome available. Other than a clean and cool UI, the Edge browser also has tracker-blocking features and an ad-blocker. It defaults to Bing Search, which is a great alternative to Google Search. 

However, the bigger advantage of using Edge comes with its Microsoft integration. Other than the browser doing a cloud sync of your profile, Edge now offers the Bing AI directly integrated into the browser. The Bing AI is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 and that means you always have a smart assistant by your side when you are busy exploring the internet.

The Microsoft Edge browser is available as the default browser on Windows and you can also download it on macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. 

(Image Credits: Courtesy Microsoft)

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Developed by the former Opera CEO, Vivaldi is a browser for those who love to have lots of features while browsing the web. Similar to Edge, it is also based on Chromium and that means the web browser’s core offers the same privacy and performance as Google Chrome. However, it adds a variety of additional features like an ad blocker, a built-in email client, a calendar, a feed reader, notes and a customisable user interface. The browser also features a privacy-focused language translator, a secure mobile sync option, a contacts manager and even an option to take a screenshot of the entire webpage. 

Vivaldi is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. This is also one of the very few browsers to be present on the Android Automotive platform. 

(Image Credits: Courtesy Vivaldi Technologies)

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The Brave browser is also based on the Chromium engine but it adds its own layer of privacy features and performance enhancements. Other than featuring an ad blocker, Brave also gets a script blocker, private tabs and an interaction with the Tor network. All of these should keep privacy crusaders happy. 

Nevertheless, the browser goes the extra mile to add the security of enforcing HTTPS encryption on all websites and sandboxing webpages from the OS to prevent malware from spreading. It also ensures that page loading times are swift. For all those who deal with cryptocurrencies, the browser offers a dedicated wallet to keep them handy if you fancy spending the big bucks.

The Brave browser can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux.

(Image Credits: Courtesy Brave Software Inc)

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Opera GX
Opera GX

Even though the Opera GX browser is dubbed the ultimate web browser for gamers, its enticing arsenal of features makes this underrated web browser the most suitable one for supreme productivity and multitasking. Available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, this downloadable version of Opera simply makes all other web browsers feel like a spartan cave. 

Some of the outstanding features that Opera GX possess include a built-in VPN, shortcuts to web versions of Messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, a common dock for all popular music streaming services, a pinboard for taking notes and saving media files and the Flow service for quickly connecting your smartphone with the browser to exchange files instantly. 

For those into online gaming, the Opera GX browser provides manual controls over CPU, GPU and network resource allocation. You also get quick access to platforms like Twitch and Discord while browsing. There’s even an online store to download free video games. 

For those who want their web browsers to be fun yet practical, the Opera GX is an easy recommendation. 

(Image Credits: Courtesy Opera)

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy Marvin Meyer via Unsplash

This story first appeared on Augustman India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which is the most underrated web browser?
Opera GX and Microsoft Edge are some of the most underrated web browsers that you can use.

– Which is the most underrated web browser for Windows?
Opera GX, Tor and Microsoft Edge are among the most underrated web browsers for Windows PCs.

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